September 28, 2023

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Brick Shooter Egypt

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Download Brick Shooter Egypt for free with a single link. A fantastic and difficult puzzle game called Brick Shooter Egypt.

Overview of Brick Shooter Egypt

This game is exciting and entertaining in plenty. This game will put your intellect to the test because it requires excellent knowledge and skills. Brick Shooter Egypt is a hard game that no one is better at. When you start the game, the playing area will appear on your computer screen, making Brick Shooter Egypt a very straightforward and uncomplicated game to play. This space is surrounded on all four sides by blocks of various colors, some of which are also present in the middle.


The player’s primary goal is to match the colors of two or more of the blocks in the center of the arena. These blocks, which are situated along the sides of the arena, will help you match the color. The blocks will explode when their colors coincide, giving you points. There are more than sixty fun levels in this game. Every level is unique, and as you go, you’ll encounter blocks in various colors and the game will get more challenging. Enjoy the stunning sound effects and top-notch graphics in this game.

Features of Brick Shooter Egypt

The attributes of Brick Shooter Egypt are listed below.

  • Game of logic
  • Full of entertainment and fun
  • High-caliber abilities and consciousness
  • Difficult game
  • Simple and easy gameplay
  • Various colored blocks
  • Matching two or more blocks of the same color.
  • More than 60 thrilling levels
  • Each level is distinct from the others.
  • Excellent graphics and lovely sound effects


System Requirements for Brick Shooter Egypt

The minimal system requirements are shown below.

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.
  • Ram: 128 MB
  • 800 MHz processor or better
  • 32 MB of hard disc space

Free Download Brick Shooter Egypt

It can be downloaded for free by clicking the icon below. It is a full and finished game. Download it, then launch the game. We have offered a straight game setup link.







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