September 28, 2023

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Lightracer Spark Free Download

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Lightracer Spark Free Download

Lightracer Spark Free Download for Windows comes with a single direct link. It is a fantastic independent strategy game.

Overview of the PC game Lightracer Spark 2023

Both the beginning and the entirety of the planet Originum are included in Lightracer Spark. To tell fascinating future stories about other planets, we’ll be releasing two free DLCs in 2023. Stay tuned!
The spread of civilization can be compared to fire; at first, it starts as a weak spark, then grows into a flickering flame, then a raging blaze, and so on. Nicholas Tesla
A science fiction narrative game is Lightracer Spark. You are a descendant of a high civilization who has traveled to different extraterrestrial worlds. Either lead all living things to prosperity or put out any potential flame. Build up power via decisions and actions, escape the confines of space and time to reach the center of the cosmos, and comprehend the rise and fall of all civilizations.

Make choices, go with the wind, or change the course of the planet.

Meet a variety of extraterrestrial living forms and learn about their cultures and histories. Gain knowledge through your qualities, make choices through consciousness, and alter the course of one character’s destiny at a time to alter the course of the world.

"Lightracer Spark Free Download"

Observe development and participate in the role-creation process

Instead of gaining experience and levels, Amender develops based on the choices they make in given circumstances.
Your actions and words as an amender have a greater impact than you would think. Your decisions and experiences will enhance the character’s traits, resulting in the creation of an exclusive super-being.

The release’s technical specifications.

  • Version 1.2.3 of the game
  • English is the interface language
  • English audio language
  • Filename for the game:
  • Size of the game download: 1.9 GB
  • 4755b14e4c08ff9e2aa24fb743c16576 is the MD5SUM.

"Lightracer Spark Free Download"

Lightracer Spark’s requirements for your system

Make sure your computer satisfies the minimum system requirements before you begin the Lightracer Spark Free Download.


  • OS: Windows 7/10 64-bit
  • Intel(R) core(TM) i5-2400 processor, 3.1 GHz
  • 4 GB of RAM for memory
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 650Ti 2G graphics
  • Additionally, DirectX 11
  • Storage: 2 GB of space available
  • Support for DirectX on the sound card

"Lightracer Spark Free Download"

Download Lightracer Spark for free

Lightracer Spark Free Download, Click the button below. The game is entire and complete. Simply download it and start listening. We have a direct link to the game’s complete setup.






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