September 28, 2023

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Mystery Of Mortlake Mansion

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Finding concealed items is the purpose of this game. The image contains a lot of things. one must search very attentively.

A list of things that must be located will be given to the player. As a result, scanning the area must be done carefully. The furniture is made in an antique style. The process of finding hidden objects becomes more challenging when they are scattered about. There are three playable game modes. Straightforward, medium, and advanced. You are given small riddles to solve after finishing each level. The player must finish these brainteasers in the shortest possible time to earn the most points.


Your mind becomes sharper playing these kinds of games. By playing such hidden object games, your IQ score even rises. You can move on to the next quest if the list of objects is finished. The player is a detective who must solve a mystery case in the overall plot. Those things are important pieces of evidence that could aid in the resolution of case files. You are closer to solving the case the more artifacts you find.

You might be able to use some hints and clues to solve case files. But you should reserve indications for challenging levels and not use them up on easier ones.




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